J.P. Wiser’s Hopped

How to craft a new category from scratch.

What happens when the beer world meets the whisky world? A completely new category is born. J.P. Wiser’s was looking to introduce a hopped infused whisky in its portfolio to attract consumers looking for new experiences. The challenge was to create an exciting brand that clearly communicated this new blend, attract the taste buds of whisky enthusiasts while crafting an approachable brand that spoke to quality, taste and craftsmanship.

We explored several creative territories. From the traditional craft of liquor to illustrations and iconography that blended both the beer and whisky categories, we leveraged the hop emblem and a coaster, and the old world craft of whisky to design something completely new and playful. Instead of using a transparent bottle, which is common in the whisky world, we used a dark brown bottle to reflect the beer world with authenticity and old world craftsmanship. Wiser’s Hopped breaks cues from the rest of the Wiser’s brand with its design to make a bold entrance as the star of a new category.

The result was an authentic, signature-craft look that made J.P. Wiser’s Hopped a delicious top seller. It continues to intrigue consumers looking for a unique whisky experience.