How do you help a local neighbourhood company go national?

Prana is an organic food company born from a love of food and the belief that food fuels an appetite for life. From almond and sea salt chocolate bark to fair trade ground turmeric, Prana had been delighting local shoppers with wholesome, organic, environmentally friendly and delicious offerings since 2013. But with such positive and flavourful products, Prana deserved to be discovered by a much larger audience.

Prana means "vital energy" in Sanskrit. This insight guided us to update their logo, packaging and overall look to better reflect their positioning as a positive, authentic and sustainable food company. In a category overflowing with pretension, where organic products tend to look all the same, Prana’s packaging maximized appetite appeal, approachability and shelf presence to entice consumers. Even with exotic names like Kilimanjaro and Machu Pichu trail mix, everyone could understand them. Prana is distinguished with a clear love of food while remaining down to earth.

+ 40%


Originally a small company from Montreal’s Mile End, Prana is still carried in local health food stores, but have expanded their offerings online and into 4,000 Canadian retailers like Sobeys-IGA, Metro, Loblaws, Costco, and are now in the U.S. market. Prana has experienced over 40% growth annually, which has required doubling their workforce and moving into a larger factory to meet demand.