Metro Irresistibles

Illuminating a private label.

Metro’s Irresistibles Signature Collection is a private label brand featuring a wide range of unique products with innovative packaging, limited edition designs and exclusive flavours. We’ve designed hundreds of Irresistibles Signature Collection SKUs. And each year, we’re also assigned unique specialty projects – one of which was to create an innovative new tissue box for the collection and to ensure branding and message consistency through all marketing touchpoints.

Products from the Irresistibles Signature Collection are communicated almost solely through Metro’s owned channels. To get shoppers to notice, we had to create something unique. We developed a glow-in-the-dark tissue box using an innovative printing technique and a clean, modern design. Our abstract design conveys something different to everyone who sees it. From polka dots to planets or even bursting champagne bubbles. Just turn off the lights and enjoy the glow.

A communications toolkit allowed the brand to travel seamlessly to social media, in-store POS and flyers.

Though our premium facial tissue box is just being rolled out in stores, it’s already garnered press coverage for its fun and innovative design.