La Parisienne

How to renew a heritage brand.

By setting itself apart with its strong set of values and efficacious detergent and fabric softener products, La Parisienne is the #2 laundry brand in Quebec. Beyond their enduring reputation for sustainable practices, they care about families, their health and the impact they make on the environment. But with big brand competitors evolving the category and driving innovation, La Parisienne was in need of a rebrand that would align closer to today’s consumer and add more meaning to the act of doing laundry. It had to spark conversation by communicating their care for clothes, family and people while reflecting its 120-year legacy.

New iconography now gives it a vintage look that is representative of the company’s longevity while still in harmony with its new positioning. New textures and an updated colour palette that is modern and vibrant allows the brand to move from responsible consumption to an inspiration for caring, without losing sight of the company’s DNA. It’s also a treat for all the senses. From smell and touch to sight, each product boasts a unique, organic and inviting illustration that speaks to its efficiency, gentleness and comfort. These bold and playful illustrations help consumers make emotional connections with the brand while securing its position as a powerful yet environmentally friendly option that cares for people and families. The structure of the packaging was also revamped to reflect the round and organic side of the design while maximizing its tablet impact with a shape that stands out.

Recently launched, the new-brand identity has been receiving rave reviews for its performance and design – and has inspired consumers all over again with its lavish, fresher look.