Kraft Peanut Butter

Raising the bar in the peanut butter category.

As the #1 peanut butter brand in Canada, Kraft Peanut Butter was a family staple. This category was facing big challenges from increased competition, higher prices and public schools banning peanut butter altogether. Kraft’s packaging had been unchanged for over two decades and the brand was beginning to lose its connection with consumers.

To recapture the emotional connection consumers had with the brand from childhood, we focused on the bears that had been featured on the product for years. Since the bears are the heart of the brand, we took them from inanimate decoration to life-like characters.

From the 3D wireframes and carefully chosen poses, down to individual hairs, inquisitive smiles and twinkling brown eyes – every decision we made had one goal in mind – make it impossible not to look and smile when you saw the bears. To further extend the brand, we worked with renowned toy maker Gund on the creation of actual teddy bears. Pigeon was involved in all aspects from pattern design to fabric and stitch selections. The bears found their way on-to POS, branded collateral and eventually even made an appearance as life-size characters at the Santa Clause Parade.

Kraft Peanut Butter’s other agency partners were now able to feature our bears in everything from TV to experiential and social media. Together, the rebrand helped capture 7% sales growth and increased market share by 1.6%. Sweetest of all – 100,000 limited-edition teddy bears sold out in a month.