Kraft Dinner

How do you make a Canadian classic even more iconic?

Canadians of all ages love Kraft Dinner and consume more mac n’ cheese than anywhere else in the world. So much so that it’s been dubbed our national dish. Over time, facing increased competition and changing consumer food habits, Kraft had updated the recipe for the yummy stuff inside each box. But now, it was time to update their look and feel too.

Kraft Dinner is affectionately known as KD. Starting with these two celebrated letters, we created a bold new icon. By doubling down with a drop of cheesy goodness, our new word-mark managed to be mouth-watering, light-hearted and iconic at the same time.

To respect brand equity built up over years, key elements like colour, the fork and food photography were kept, but modernized and refined. Our new branding was tested to work not just on pack, but in-store with cobranded promotions, in advertising and more. This ensured that no matter where you see it, nothing screams mac n’ cheese quite like KD.

KD continues to be the #1 quick meal solution in Canada and a staple in Canadian homes.