Montreal Impact

How do you score big with fans and players alike?

When the Montreal Impact last strolled onto the field with the American Premier Soccer League, they sported a Pigeon-designed logo. When it came time to move up to the big leagues of Major League Soccer, the Montreal Impact again called on Pigeon to reboot their identity.

We modernized the Montreal Impact’s identity to convey the club’s entrance to Major League Soccer. We retained, but refined, the symbolic iconography and colour of the original logo, and created a new badge to exude pride and honour to soccer fans. The new identity was rolled out across digital media, video, merchandise, printed collateral and, of course, the players uniforms.

The Montreal Impact’s brand identity was refreshed for the future while staying true to the club’s roots and home fans. In 2017, Fox Sports ranked the team’s new identity as “The #1 MLS Club Logo.”

“Today, we are writing a new page in our history. This logo is more than just a logo, it’s a symbol of our engagement towards every soccer fan in Quebec.”

Joey Saputo
Montreal Impact President