IKEA Canada Flyers

Bringing style to millions of homes every week.

For over 40 years IKEA has inspired Canadians with affordable furniture and must-have household items. However, new creations arrive so often that it is almost impossible to stay on top of everything they have to offer. That’s why the IKEA flyer plays a pivotal role in delivering an exciting glimpse of all the beautiful possibilities for your home.

Together with IKEA’s sales and brand teams, we create their flyers. Much like any other celebrated publication, this high-volume flyer requires compelling and engaging content in record time. Be it a kitchen event or simply a new sale, each headline is delivered in a tone and manner that is consistent and endearing to all readers. From copy and translation to layout and production, every new page presents a brand-new vision for the home.

We produce the final artwork and oversee the print reproduction of just over 100,000,000 flyers annually. In addition, the design is used in the creation of digital flyers and for imagery use on the IKEA Canada website.