IKEA Then & Now Exhibit

Celebrating 40 years of design

To celebrate its 40th year in Canada, IKEA mounted an exhibition featuring some of its most iconic products. Our challenge was to create an awareness campaign to get people to visit the show, which was hidden on the 3rd floor of the Toronto Design Exchange. One further wrinkle – the entire venue would be under construction during the show.

To promote the IKEA THEN & NOW Exhibit, we created eye-catching posters and streetcar wraps to instruct people how to get to the event. Posters were strategically designed and placed to show just how close the event was – down to the direction and distance from each poster. Added to this were transit shelter ads, social media feeds and experiential activations like meatball carts, plus a giant heart mascot (HJ?RTA).

Wherever you looked downtown, all signs pointed to this incredible event. We even broadcasted the grand opening on Facebook Live.

Thanks to all the brand partners involved, IKEA’s social posts garnered 3.2 million promoted impressions and 219,070 engagements. Traditional and digital out-of-home delivered over 14 million impressions. IKEA exceeded visitor goals by 16%. What’s more, all this happened during the rainiest season of the year. Just goes to show you how much people love to flock to IKEA.