Global Business Forum

How do you craft a brand for global thought-leaders?

Grupo Bimbo is the largest baked goods organization in the world with over 130,000 associates in 32 countries. Every year, they host an event in Mexico City that gathers their global leaders including CEO, and strategic and advertising partners to bring forth new insights, trends and innovations to keep growing the Grupo Bimbo brands. Although their last event was successful, they were in need of a new name and tagline that better defined their mandate and an impactful identity refresh that could easily translate into all forms of communication. The event’s name had to be simple, clear, effective and easily understood by all the global partners.

Early concept development illustration created to demonstrate possible application.

We developed a name, wordmark and guidelines that could be used for all future events. The event was named The Global Business Forum (GBF 2017), which conveyed its purpose while translating well as an acronym. We leveraged the bright Grupo Bimbo colours and crafted a bold custom typeface that blends into each other to denote movement and togetherness. The tagline – Lead Change – is proactive, optimistic and powerful. It also lent itself well as a campaign idea where the tagline allowed leaders to customize what kind of leadership they are bringing to the table – from Lead Sales to Lead Marketing. The comprehensive guidelines allowed partner agencies to seamlessly integrate the identity into mandates including: brochures, banners, advertising and digital platforms.

Hundreds of powerful thought-leaders from around the world attended the event. And the result of having a brand that reflects their core positioning has given them a look and a feel that can be experienced year after year.

Early concept development illustration created to demonstrate possible application.