Fleury Michon

How do you get busy families to pause for a delicious meal?

With people working longer hours than ever before, the ready-to-eat meal category has skyrocketed. In a highly crowded category where everyone communicates “healthy, fresh and delicious,” Fleury Michon needed an advertising campaign to raise awareness of its products while standing out from the competition. How could Fleury Michon speak about the human side of prepared meals instead?

Radio Spot 1

Radio Spot 2

Radio Spot 3

Our research found that super-busy parents look for practical solutions to save time, but aren’t willing to compromise –because compromise can feel like losing the game of modern life. That led us to position Fleury Michon as the fresh, never frozen meal that helps parents win the moment.

On French radio, this came to life with sarcastically humorous spots that make Fleury Michon your go-to saviour for the entire family. The integrated campaign also included out-of-home advertising, a digital campaign, flyers and an in-store contest.

Starting with almost no brand equity in Quebec, Fleury Michon’s sales numbers doubled during the campaign.