How do you become the #1 Greek Yogurt brand?

In 2012, Danone launched Oikos Greek yogurt in Canada. Our mandate was to develop a brand architecture and identity that would stand out in the market while being flexible enough to allow for future development. Danone’s goal was to become the #1 brand in the Greek yogurt segment in less than two years.

While the target audience was searching for authenticity, all the other brands seemed fixated on the generic attributes of yogurt: white, pure, functional, and in packaging terms, completely vanilla. This became our opportunity to link Oikos with its Greek origins. Using the blue of the Aegean Sea and the Santorini skyline, we created a bold presence on the shelf. The design married the codes associated with a Mediterranean lifestyle with a modern flair, communicating freshness and appetite appeal in a new way. The approach allowed us to create a smart, innovative and bold new packaging for Oikos.

Oikos is now the quintessential Greek yogurt in Canada. In a matter of just 3 months, Oikos grew from new entrant to the #1 selling Greek yogurt brand in the country* – a position it has maintained since. The award-winning redesign and positioning for the Canadian market even inspired some European countries.

* #1 Canadian brand in the Greek yogurt segment. Source Nielsen. 2013 - 2017